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 Remodeling Pictures and Ideas



You can spend days reading about remodeling choices, from flooring options towindow types. But nothing brings the ideas together quite as well as a photograph. That said, we invite you to take a tour of our Ideas Gallery. Here, you'll find photos of complete remodeling projects from every angle of the home. 


For instance, in our house painting section, you'll see how color and finish can upgrade a home's exterior, making it a head-turning, neighborhood gem. Notice, too, how painted doors create a distinguishing focal point, and how painted decks are eye-pleasing as well as better protected from the elements. 


In addition to house painting, our photo galleries include windows, home additions, bathrooms, kitchen remodeling, and more. You'll get a good sense of the decisions homeowners such as yourself have made, generating possibilities for your own home at the same time. You'll also realize the potential and expertise of HARR Builders. Only a photograph can perfectly describe the detail, work and time that go into a valuable remodeling investment.



 Bathroom Remodeling Ideas



Did you know that the investment return on the average bathroom remodel is 80 to 90 percent? So, remodeling your bathroom is almost free? Well, not quite, but with such a great return, not to mention contractors bidding competitively due to the economic downturn, now is the perfect time to remodel your outdated bathroom into the chamber of your dreams.


Thousands of homeowners use HARR Builders on a daily basis to get prices for their remodels. It's a simple and friendly service that provides you with the best prices for you to compare, and best of all it's free. Simply enter your details in the form and we will follow-up with you personally in order to get you the best bathroom estimates. 


We Cover Small Bathroom Remodels, Too...



 Kitchen Remodeling Ideas



Kitchen Appliance: When it comes to kitchen appliances there are many choices available with regard to color; stainless steel, black, white, wood paneled, size; compact, super sized, and mid-sized, and style; antique, state-of-the-art, and industrial. The question most homeowners have when remodeling their kitchen is where to put the appliances and what colors to choose to give you a well-tailored and balanced custom kitchen. 



 Window Replacement Ideas



When it comes to window replacement and window contractors, HARR Builders are the place. Replacing windows on your home can save you up to 25% in air conditioning and heating costs a year. This reason alone makes new windows one of the most attractive investments for your home.





 Home Additions Ideas

Want to upgrade your home and lifestyle with a new home addition? 



Homeowners today are investing in their lifestyles with thoughtful home additions. Additions to the house can consist of that new master bedroom, guest room, den, office, or second story addition you’ve been imagining to boost your home’s potential value and livability. Studies show that the rate of return on a family room addition is 83 percent. 


Additions frequently occur toward the back of the home, and a family room is an ideal scenario for this location. Other popular additions consist of extra bedrooms. You can even design an outdoor room addition to host the ideal poolside party or escape in for an afternoon getaway, all within your home’s property lines.  Some additions can look less than appealing. Don’t find yourself with that type of scenario in your hands! We are highly skilled, ensuring no less than the quality craftsmanship you deserve.




 House Painting Ideas



Did you know that the average investment return for an interior paint job is 148%? That money spent brightening your home comes right back to you – often in the thousands. So it’s absolutely essential that your painting project is completed with the technical skill of our employees. Whether big or small, interior or exterior, We are waiting to assist you and provide free cost estimates to meet your needs. 




 Tiling and Flooring Ideas



Are you looking to have new flooring installed in your home? 

Inform yourself with the latest trends and information about different types of flooring including hardwood floors, concrete, laminate and more. Don't forget we're here to help. No job is too small or too big. 





 Decks and Patios Ideas




Decks are an important, and often overlooked, element to any home. A nice deck is a place to read a morning paper, sip lemonade on a weekend afternoon, or throw a couple of steaks on the BBQ for an evening get-together. After years of decorating the interior of their homes, many people are turning their energy outside to create outdoor spaces for relaxing and entertaining. This shift reflects a lifestyle–outdoor living–that extends beyond a home’s traditional walls. Unfortunately, building a deck or patio isn't the easiest thing to do.