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HARR Builders value its partnership with local real estate professionals and is committed to doing business for your clients.  We can provide you an estimate to create an accurate budget for your clients. Our employees have helped us build a reputation for top-quality work. From a variety floor plans, homesite choices and amenities to personal design options that create the perfect home, your clients will find everything they want.   


We are top notch experts in construction. Just tell us what your clients are looking for 


Windows, Bathroom Remodeling, Room Additions, Heating & Cooling Installation, Flooring, New Kitchen Cabinets, Plumbing, Basement Remodeling, Interior House Painting, Full Kitchen Remodeling, and Cabinet Refacing.


No job is too small or too big.   



00f2c215d1f2d30e45ab7bd1ec21eb45.jpg PROPERTY MANAGEMENT      



We have been closely working with commercial & residential property management professionals over the years. We guarantee extraordinary construction quality and customer satisfaction. We will endeavor to perform at the highest level of service and quality, while staying on-time and on budget. No job is too small or too big. 


Our professional services include: Plumbing, Electrical, Painting, Renovation, Janitorial and Interior/Exterior repair work. 



1.  Exterior/Interior Service: Footings and Foundations, Framing Windows and Exterior Doors, Plumbing, Mechanical, Electrical  Roughs, Siding, Exterior Trim, Insulation and Drywall, Interior Doors and Trim, Cabinets, Tile, Floor Coverings Hardware, Equipment, and Fixtures, Finish Plumbing, Mechanical, and Electrical Finish, Grading and Landscaping.



2.  Plumbing Service: Most of us think that plumbing a bathroom is easy. This is oftentimes taken for granted and ignored, until troubles arise in the bathroom sink or in the toilet. With a handful of things we have to do on a daily basis, our lavatory or shower area becomes the last thing on our mind to attend to. A lot of things can go wrong in the bathroom so it is vital to be aware of small issues that may grow into bigger problems when left unattended. So, how do we know what kind of troubles to expect? There are a handful of problems that can take place in the restroom, to name a few:


 Blocked toilet, Dripping taps, Broken drains and pipes, Flooding, Blocked drains, Clogged shower, 

   bath and sink drains, 

 Faucets, Fixtures & Pipes, Clogged Sewer or Drain Cleaning, Septic Systems, Water Mains, 

   Water Heaters


3. Electrical Service: We are licensed electricians, insured, and bonded. We provides excellent customer service, thousands of parts will be on site with our electrical technicians which ensures same day service. 


Here are some of the extras we offer our commercial clients:

 Motors / Motor Controls, Ballast / Lamp Replacement, Outdoor / Parking Lot Lighting, Cat 5 Cabling, 

   Priority Dispatching, Data / Communication Lines, Sign Repair, Hid Lighting and Control, Specialty 

   Receptacles, Transformers, Lighting Controls, Design & Maintenance, Twist Lock Receptacles


Here are a few of the residential services we offer our residential customers:

 Appliance Circuits, High-Tech Troubleshooting, Breakers, Switches & Fuses, Lighting Design & 

   Maintenance, Ceiling Fan Installation / Maintenance, Hot Tubs and Spas, Code Corrections, 

   Motors, Data / Communication, Security & Landscape Lighting, Dedicated Computer Circuits, 

   Service Panel Upgrades, Electric Water Heaters, Smoke Detectors, Electrical Outlet and Circuit Work, 

   Surge Protectors, Exhaust Fans, Track and Accent Lighting, Ground Fault Interrupt Circuits, 




4. Painting Service: Exterior/Interior Painting, Drywall Paint Prep or Repair 


 We absolutely guarantee to complete the project in a time frame that our competitors can only 

   dream of! How do we do this? We have had the same crew for 15 years.  And we only hire 

   professional painters as opposed to part time painters. You can rely on us to make your dreams 

   a reality, easily and efficiently.